Living A Dream


Donnie, also known as DagPICS, is a pilot we've flown with for a while and we've seen him improve drastically over the years. His passion in this hobby is just as strong as it was on day one. He's made it his profession, photographing and filming events as a 107 pilot.

Dagpics flying style is all or nothing, he pushes where and how he flies. Using high rates and low camera angle helps give him his unique style. It's not rough, neither flow, but in-between. Make sure you go check out his Instagram or Facebook with the links below

"My name is Donnie Dagley, aka DagPics. I’m 43 years old and live in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve been flying drones for about 2 1/2 years after getting a Phantom 4 at work. DagPics came about from the amazing pictures I took from that thing and still applies to my favorite drone category, cinema. After getting the Phantom, I continually felt the need to push the performance of the camera drone. This lead me to FPV. DagPics is a content provider focused on capturing moments and making videos. I continually strive to make FPV an exciting and viable content medium."




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